The $25 Sofa (phase II)

HELLO, Friday!

It is finally Friday; what better time to update everyone on the SOFA project.  After further investigation, I decided to take everything down to the frame.  The original upholstery/fabric was wet and dry-rotted, as was the cotton cushioning.  There was nothing left of the foam (if that was even what it was to start with)…. I only found orange dust where SOMETHING used to be.

A few days ago I was able to pull off everything except the arm coverings (held in place by too many staples) and burlap.  I was hoping to salvage the burlap.

As it turned out, the burlap was rotten, as well. SOOO when I got off work yesterday, I tackled the job of removing the arm coverings, burlap, and the 20 million staples that held it all in place.  I was also able to sand and clean the wood.  Since the sofa had been stored outside for indeterminable amount of time, I took a chance and wiped the entire frame down with Hydrogen Peroxide.  I read, on one of the many furniture blogs, that it kills bacteria; mold and mildew; and breaks down human waste matter (blood, dead skin cells, urine, etc.)  All in all, it took about 7 hours.  Of course that does not include the time it took to remove the initial fabric and cushioning.

The only thing left now is the wood frame and the metal zigzag springs, which all seem to be in great shape (considering).

This afternoon, I plan to start staining the wood and replacing the burlap.  My girlfriend and I will start the cushioning and covering process tomorrow, with the hopes of completing everything except the 2 loose cushions by Sunday evening.

The Fabric

I was able to make it to Hancock Fabric before their after Christmas sale ended.  I found a very nice, plush, polyester fabric in Asian Bisque; 7-8 yards on a blot for half price and additional 6 yards on the remnant table for $5 per yard (regular price $25 per yard).  I also purchased 10 yards of batting and a spool of trim.  I was able to use an additional 20% off coupon which put my total at $140.55.  I realize I will have to spend a little more to get the look I want; especially since I now have to purchase burlap.  Fortunately I already have some thick foam for the 2 separate cushions; now I only have to buy the thin foam to bind it all together.

It’s Personal

I started all of this to find my daughter a nice inexpensive sofa for her small apartment to complement her taste.

As soon and my husband and a co-worker saw the sofa they gave me a very hard time.  They told me they lady should have paid me $25 to haul it off.  In their opinion I am out $50, instead of $25 (wink).

Of course, now I have something to prove.  I have never reupholstered any in my life; other than recover a couple of seat cushions.  This has definitely turned into a huge project.  With only a frame left of the original sofa, I now have to replace burlap to give it a sturdy surface, replace batting, cover with foam and fabric and replace the trim… and did I mention, refinish the wood and make 2 cushions?  Yes, I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I am determined to prove everyone wrong.  NOW… It’s personal 🙂

Some of the deconstruction phase:


The dreaded arm rest cushion – so many stable underneath.


Down to the burlap – still very wet with some cotton left.
After removing the cloth – this shows the cotton placing.


A good look at the zigzag springs in the back before removing the burlap.


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