Nana’s Yellow House

Greetings!  I know it has been awhile since I posted but I have transitioned my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  It is supposed to be better (the jury is still out).

I also have a new name for my Blog:  Nana’s Yellow House (quite fitting, don’t you think)

The past couple of weeks have been devoted to other duties and tweaking the sofa.  I added batting to the cushions and installed the backing.  I still have to make a couple of bolster pillows and a throw pillow for a finishing touch.


I also have some finishing-up to do on my daughter’s dresser.   I found a $20 dresser on one of the facebook swap sites several months ago with plans to strip and refinish it.  It was a cheap-made piece with a factory finish.   We have stripped,  added 2 coats of  Jacobean stain, and will apply a coat of Tongue Oil to finish it off.  (will post pictures later).

I also lucked-up on a nice vintage record player for my daughter.  She loves old vinyl and I have been looking for the perfect player (at the right price) for ages.  I found a unique Truetone player; distributed by Western Auto.  I believe it is from the 60’s or 70’s… I think it looks very “Holly Golightly”   😉

The record player did not work (thus the bargain price).  I googled for help and was able to find a great YouTube video to assist in the process.  My husband and I were able to get the turntable spinning again.  It will play a record but the speed is not quite on point.  However, there are a few shops in Austin that should be able to get it running perfectly in no time.




We leave for Austin in less than 2 weeks and I am running out of time.


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