The Fainting Couch

I spotted a fainting couch on one of the many facebook buy/swap pages.  It was listed for $20 so I knew I had to have it.

When I arrived to pick it up, the seller told me a cat had damaged the cloth and part of the foam but that was perfectly fine with me.  I knew I wanted to recover it anyway.

The piece was a not-so-lovely floral print with a heavy lacquer/shellac finish.

My husband and I started the process of removing the fabric, foam, upholstery tacks, and at least a billion stables.  We were careful to leave the fabric as intact as possible so I can use it for a pattern.  This should really save when purchasing my fabric as I will know the precise (or close to it) yardage.

We left the project last night with a partially stripped frame.  The finish has proved to be more than either of us can deal with.

I am now faced with making a decision about what to do next:  paint and distress the frame (remember, I am a purist), what color (dark or light) and what fabric to use (print or solid).  I initially wanted to do a dark stain with light colored fabric but now I am leaning toward painting the frame white and choosing a fabric that will not show grime.  I would LOVE to use a script print.  You just never know about me 😉

Here are a few pictures of yesterday’s progress:

Damage from previous owner’s cat.


Back-roll foam.
Foam pieced together by manufacturer in back.
Wood seat support – this will have to be replaced.




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