High Tea

Recently, I was asked to decorate a table for a local museum fundraising event, High Tea a The Schepis.  I was thrilled as I love decorating and it would give me the opportunity to show off my ‘bargain” china.

My bargain china was a great find of about 100 pieces of Gibson for $40 on a local swap and sell site.  I have had if for quite some time but have never really used it.

I chose to accent the china with pink accents; I LOVE pink!

I was able to find a lovely pink tablecloth and pink napkins on Ebay; they matched beautifully.  However, when the napkins came in, they reeked of cigarette smoke.  I soaked them in hot water, vinegar and baking soda until my water cooled down, rinsed and repeated the process.  After 2 vinegar baths, I ran them through the washer on delicate.  Viola, the smell was gone!

Several years ago, my mother gave me 4 silver napkins rings.  Since I volunteered to set a table of 8, this would put me 4 rings short.  I decided to go a more “Bonnie” route.  I used vintage brooches and white ribbon to create a one-of-a-kind napkin ring for each guest.  I encouraged each guest to choose their seat by picking their favorite brooch and allowed each guest to take home the brooch as a special gift from me.

I chose to use my vintage pink Limoges tea pot as my centerpiece.  My local Flower Shop (yes, that is the name) did a wonder job creating the perfect balance of pink roses and white accent flowers.  I centered the teapot on a Limoges vegetable bowl, and doilies, and used vintage gloves and pearls to pull the theme together.

I hope you enjoy the picture of my table below:

butterfly brooch Center close up Center closeup 2 full table Gold brooch Silver brooch star brooch



New Treasures

I wanted to share photos of my latest finds.

I have had my eye out for the perfect vintage sewing box for my sewing room (aka The Pink Room) for quite some time.  I found several online but the price was never right for the ones I wanted (I guess I have expensive taste).

I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this beautiful piece at Southern Lady Antiques located on Antique Alley in West Monroe, Louisiana.  I immediately send my husband a picture to tell him I had found my (early) birthday present; he surprised me with it the next week.

20160213_112119 20160213_112147

Last week, during our trip to Austin, my best friend and I spotted an Estate Sale in one of the small towns along the way.  I found a couple of old linens, a picture, and THIS:

20160213_111733 20160213_110849 20160213_110756 20160213_110620

I have never heard of Barley Twist and do not know anything about this amazing desk and matching chair.  All I know is that I HAD to have it.

If you know anything about this piece, please feel free to comment below.

Oh, and by the way, these items will stay in at Nana’s Yellow House for awhile.  I do not see them going to the flea market any time soon.  On a happier note, I will have to part with some other items to make room for these.

See you soon!


Main Street Flea Market

Hi all!  We finally got my daughter into her Austin apartment and have a few minutes to breathe before starting the next project(s).

I can honestly say, I love the sofa in her apartment.  I only had my phone with me so the pictures are not that great.  I will try to take more when I return next month.

I was also able to make her an end table using an old suitcase and vintage chair legs.  It turned out pretty cute (thanks to my husband).

I have decided to venture out and start a small booth at a local indoor flea market.  I am so excited as this is something I have wanted to do for years.  I am also very nervous; you never know what people will want.  The only thing I can do is stay true to myself and hope someone walks through and shares the same passion.

As far as new projects go, I have a list of things I want to get done before the market opens.  The chore will be dragging my poor, sweet husband BACK to the shop to help.  The fish will be biting soon and I will be on my own.  Words cannot describe how much of a help he is.

I hope you will all go visit my facebook page and if you are ever in Columbia, Louisiana, stop by my booth inside the Main Street Flea Market.