High Tea

Recently, I was asked to decorate a table for a local museum fundraising event, High Tea a The Schepis.  I was thrilled as I love decorating and it would give me the opportunity to show off my ‘bargain” china.

My bargain china was a great find of about 100 pieces of Gibson for $40 on a local swap and sell site.  I have had if for quite some time but have never really used it.

I chose to accent the china with pink accents; I LOVE pink!

I was able to find a lovely pink tablecloth and pink napkins on Ebay; they matched beautifully.  However, when the napkins came in, they reeked of cigarette smoke.  I soaked them in hot water, vinegar and baking soda until my water cooled down, rinsed and repeated the process.  After 2 vinegar baths, I ran them through the washer on delicate.  Viola, the smell was gone!

Several years ago, my mother gave me 4 silver napkins rings.  Since I volunteered to set a table of 8, this would put me 4 rings short.  I decided to go a more “Bonnie” route.  I used vintage brooches and white ribbon to create a one-of-a-kind napkin ring for each guest.  I encouraged each guest to choose their seat by picking their favorite brooch and allowed each guest to take home the brooch as a special gift from me.

I chose to use my vintage pink Limoges tea pot as my centerpiece.  My local Flower Shop (yes, that is the name) did a wonder job creating the perfect balance of pink roses and white accent flowers.  I centered the teapot on a Limoges vegetable bowl, and doilies, and used vintage gloves and pearls to pull the theme together.

I hope you enjoy the picture of my table below:

butterfly brooch Center close up Center closeup 2 full table Gold brooch Silver brooch star brooch



One thought on “High Tea

  1. Hi,
    Your table is beautiful. I too love pink and roses. You gave me a great idea in having the arrangements in the teapot. I just signed up for your posts. Thanks, 4eversunny in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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