I have not posted much lately.  On March 24, 2016, my mother went in for a cardiac ablation to help with her atrial fibrillation.  During the procedure she had a massive heart attack.  We did not know what had happened at the time, we only knew there were complications during the procedure and she was on life support for 5 days.  On March 28, 2016 we made the decision to remove support and my mother left her earthly home to be with her Savior.

Her death has brought a roller-coaster of emotions ranging from anger to sorrow.

Nearly 30 years ago my mother was in a terrible automobile accident and suffered a wide range of injuries that caused her years of medical problems; the heart problems were just one of the health issues she endured.

I do not know why God chose to let us have her for 30 more year but I am glad he did.

Georgia Bratton Watson was 66.


Mother’s Day was particularly difficult but I was able to spend it with 2 of my children and my grandchildren (g-babies, as I call them).

Around 11:30 Sunday night, we got the call that my step-daughter had been in an automobile accident and had broken her leg.

We did not know until we arrived at the wreck scene how bad it was.  There were 5 teenagers in the vehicle with a wide range or broken bones but no lives were lost.

We are now tasked with waiting to see how much use she will have in her leg once the bone is set and rehab complete.  Prayers are greatly appreciated during this time.

2 thoughts on “Loss

  1. My first mothers day without my mom was this year too. But I’m a year older than your mother and my mom was 96. I knew I was blessed to reach the age of 67 and still have my mom. Your mom looks like she had a lovely soul, just like my mom had.

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  2. I am so very sorry about the loss of your mom and then the horrific accident your stepdaughter was in. Seeing the pictures, they’re all so very lucky to be alive. God has a plan for everything that you’re enduring and I’ll say a prayer for you and your stepdaughter.

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