New Life to Garage Sale Trunk

A few years ago I ran across an old trunk at a garage sale with intentions to reattach the missing hardware and use it as a conversation piece in my living room.  Once I got it home, it ended up in my walk-in closet storing Christmas decorations.

When I moved into my new house, I stored it in the garage only to discover later that the cane had been ripped off the back.  So I had to make a decision; Throw it out or reinvent the whole trunk.

Once I decided to restore the trunk and resell the finished product in my Flea Market booth, I discovered the front was completely caved in so I had to replace the front and pretty much start from scratch.  Which really wasn’t a bad thing.  It gave the trunk a renewed stability so I had a good foundation to work with .

I recovered the trunk with batting and finished off with a nice French-print fabric.  The blue fabric for the lining was a great finishing touch.

I ended up using new hardware as some of the original pieces were missing.

I hope you like the transformation as much as I do.

Oh, the trunk only lasted for about 3 hours in my booth before someone scarfed it up.

Before the work began. You can see some water damage on the bottom of the cane front.
The damaged cane after being stored in various places before I started the makeover.
The batting being added.
The beginning stages of adding the French-print fabric.
The finished product!
Trunk inside
Interior lining.



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