Rainy Day Projects

Here in the south, we are not accustomed to being shut in often.  However, the month of January saw below average temperatures and dreary days.

I seized the opportunity to work on a few projects that I had been putting off.

Last year a good friend gave me a hutch she was going to trash.  It had been sitting in the garage for months so I finally decided to bring it in and turn it into a sewing and craft storage unit.


The second project was a coffee table I picked up at an auction last year as a “freebie”.  I love it when you have your eye on something in particular and the auctioneer just keeps adding to the pile.  I get the goodies I want for a good price and a few freebies tossed in for good measure.  Some I can use, come I can’t.  I decided to chalk paint, stencil, and wax this piece.  However, I am pretty sad with the way the dark wax looks.  It just seems so splotchy to me and I am not sure how to even it out.  Maybe someone will fall in love with it and scarf it up.


Last but not least is an adorable suitcase makeover.  I have had this garage sale find for a few years.  It was originally blue so I kept it in  my living room with a few items displayed but I just didn’t have room in the new house.  I finally found the perfect inspiration online and used a couple of old pillow shame to create this lovely addition to any Victorian/Shabby Chic room, wedding, or shower.  This was also my first attempt at raised (3D) stenciling.

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Projects

  1. Hiya Love,
    I stumbled upon YOUR fab. site through HOMETALK another amazing resource and inspirational site for DIY’ers like Myself!!
    I wanted to comment on Your Rainy Day Coffee Table with the French Stencil and Wax…..I did a similar project for a client and She loved it, however, using a hairdryer You can heat up the wax and remove as much or as little as You like. I have found that doing a layer of clear wax first enables much more control and better application for the darker waxes. It stops the splotchiness and creates an even coverage as the clear wax already covers the entire surface and has dried preventing dark uneven areas.
    I love how all Your projects are so out of the box and are uniquely YOU!! Your home must be AMAZING!!
    I would have included some pic.’s of My tables but am not too tech savvy if there is no camera app………
    Blessings from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
    xo Michelle


    1. Thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely try the hair dryer trick. I am slowly moving away from wax and using more Polycrylic.
      I must admit that I love my little 85 year-old house but most of the stuff I post on here, I sell. Of course, I keep some stuff for myself.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Please be sure to read the archived posts, as well.



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