Spring is in the Air

AND HOW!!!  If you live in the south you know spring is in the air… in the form of yellow dust that covers every surface.  But without pollen there would be no flowers.

As usual I have been lax posting to my website AND my facebook page.  I finished a few new items over the winter and am currently working on a few client pieces.  I will try to post a little here about some of my winter projects:

These four beautiful pieces belong to a friend’s late mother.  It is believed the items were handed down from grandmother or great-grandmother.  The client wanted to keep the pieces as original as possible but her mother had painted a couple of the pieces black.  That’s were I com in.  I painted, glazed, and sealed; hoping to preserve the memories for years to come.

One of my favorite projects this past winter was the annual Christmas tree display at our local Schepis Museum.  I was honored to submit my tree.  Of course, I had to do something a little unusual.



I lucked-up on this dining set at a local auction.  I was able to snag the whole set for $16.  It had a bit of sun-damage on the tabletop and some of the chairs has seen better days but a little elbow grease and I was able to turn it into the perfect addition to my dining room.