Nana’s Yellow House

I became a first-time home owner at the age of 47.  I chose I 1933 Craftsman in my small hometown, located in the heart of Louisiana.  I had been in love with the house for years and when the opportunity presented itself, I could not pass up the chance.

Since purchasing the home, I have tried to keep everything as original as possible.  Previous home owners had remodeled over the years but it still has all of the charm and character I could ever hope for.

I have always loved antique and vintage furniture, linens, china, and the like but now I find myself with too much and feel the need to share it with others.

I have opened 2 small booths at local flea markets and things are going quite well.  Of course, I will never be rich but I really enjoy the hunt for treasures, and finding a new home for them.  Unfortunately, it is always difficult to chose what will make its home in Nana’s Yellow House and what will be “re-homed”.

Please take the time to like and share my page, enjoy the projects, and give feedback.


One thought on “Nana’s Yellow House

  1. Love your work. You are very talented in your restorations. I am from Grayson and love to see what has happen there since I left. The best of luck and want to see more !!!


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