Christmas 2015

We celebrated our 1st Christmas in our new home.  I had such a great time decorating.  

For someone who always like the vintage, I sure do love my JC Penney/Disney snow-globe collection.  I have been venturing out on Black Friday for years to add to my collection.  I am sorry that 2015 will be the last year for these gems.

 I picked up the red linens a few years back at a garage sale for just a few bucks.  I am so glad I finally got to use them.  The china also came from a local sales site.  I believe I purchased the nearly 100 piece set for about $40.

I must admit that the built-ins in our living room is one of my favorite features.

I just LOVE snowmen!

Our front yard.  These sweet deer were listed on a local swap site.  I think I paid about $15 for the set of 7.  We will definitely have to re-strand the lights next year.  We had a hard time keeping the lights on and the heads moving.

 My tree may not seem special so most but it is a real treasure to me.  I received this tree from my best friend about 12 years ago.  She heard I did not have money for a tree; she purchased the tree at a garage sale and left it in my living room.  I have used it every year since and cherish it.  Did I mention that my best friend is also my ex-husband’s wife?  That’s right, my children’s stepmother.  We were not the best of friends at that time but this tree started us down a path to a deep, life-long friendship.  If you read a post about Jessica (Jesse), now you know who that is.

My husband hung this window in the dining room for me.  This is one of my many Canton treasures.  I hope to post more pictures of windows from Canton, soon.