Since moving into the house in June 2015, we have embarked on a few projects.  Listing most recent on top:

We finished the chairs ourselves May 2016:

spring chairs before20160508_155348


The glider was completed in the summer of 2015:


We purchased this old glider and 2 chairs for $150.  We decided to take the glider apart and have it sandblasted and powder coated.

The result is amazing.  I love the yellow and white.  The powder coating company we used could only paint solid colors so we ordered the glider in yellow and the stand in white.  We added the white accent to the seat.  We will begin working on the chairs soon; we hope to do them ourselves.

2 of our 3 bedrooms had carpeting.  We decided to pull up the carpet in the Master Bedroom to expose the wood flooring.

This is the (not so) end result.  We have plans to do some minor sanding and refinishing this coming spring.  We are waiting to go through a winter without the carpet before we decide if/when we will  expose the rest of the wood flooring throughout the house.  Currently the floors are covered with a combination of carpet, laminate, and vinyl.  The original wood flooring, although is great shape, appears to be relatively thin so heating may be an issue this winter.