I used the following items:

Old Window

1/4 inch inexpensive plywood (can use foam board)


Spray adhesive


Hot glue gun with glue sticks




Photo Hangers

Various items to fill the box

I cleaned my window as well as possible and brushed on a thin layer of paint.  You should do what is true to you.  I like the rustic look and wanted to preserve as much of that as possible.

I cut the plywood to to fit, screwed it onto the window, and added a picture hanger on each side.  I did this so I would know where the holes were and so I did not have to man-handle the finished product too much.

Remove the back and cover with fabric.  I applied pink satin using spray adhesive.

Next I added doilies using hot glued.  Not the easiest way to do it and probably not the best but I could not get the spray adhesive to stick.

I then place all of my items onto the board.  I played around with the arrangement for a couple of days.

You have to decide which method of attachment is right for the item and for you.  I hot glued the book, pearls, scissors, and picture (only the corners).  I used velcro for the brooch and the watch.  The watch was too heavy and pulled away from the doilies so I had to add a small nail to help secure it.

Once everything is in place, I carefully stood up the board to make sure everything was secure.  Then I added the screws.

That’s it!  I am sure I will get some negative comments about using hot glue, but I used very little and it should come off fairly easily should I decide to take the box apart some day.  I hope that is not the case and that it will be cherished for years to come by my children and grandchildren.

My stack of windows
Cheap plywood.
My grandfathers pocket watch.
My grandmother’s Birthday book inside the cover.

My grandmother’s sewing scissors inside a case she made with her initials.
My grandmother’s leaf brooch.
The finished product.

My grandmother’s Samsonite.