Project Update

Over the past few months, I have worked on a few projects for my booth.  Here are a few before and after photos.  Thankfully most have already sold but the blue table is still available.

Fruit Sacks?

I lucked up on the vintage (possible antique) chair for sell by a friend on a social media site.  I immediately knew I had to have it.

I brought it home and started to work as soon as I could.  I was so pumped with the French trunk make-over that I had to keep the momentum going.

I always start by removing layers.  It is a painstaking process because you have to pay close attention to how things come apart so you will know how to put them back together.

The fabric was dry rotted and damaged and I could tell I was not the first to reupholster the chair.  I removed the layers one by one…


As you can see, it was quite a treasure trove of goodies underneath those back layers. YES! that is a fruit sack (well, 2 fruit sacks)!  The other is a combination for burlap, cotton, and straw.


Next, I had to tackle the seat cushion.  It was easily removed as a separate unit so it made it very easy to work with.  I followed the same technique, removing layers of old rotten fabric, burlap, raw cotton, and nails (oh, the nails).


Once I removed all of the layers in the seat cushion and back, I wiped everything down with a damp cloth and peroxide.  I read somewhere that peroxides helps to break down dead skin cells and bodily fluids to help disinfect before the reupholstery process.

Then it was off to the shop to play with the air tools.  I use a pneumatic staple gun to reupholster.  It makes it some much easier.  Be sure to adjust your air so your staples to not go all the way through your fabric.




Once I had reinforces the back the new burlap and foam, I covered them my fabric and moved to the seat cushion.

I re-wrapped springs, covered with scrap fabric, added 2 types of foam and added another layer of scrap fabric over the foam for reinforcement and stability.  Next, I sewed cording to out of the fabric and sewed the cushion sides to the top so I could stretch over the seat cushion and staple into place.

The outcome is lovely.



New Treasures

I wanted to share photos of my latest finds.

I have had my eye out for the perfect vintage sewing box for my sewing room (aka The Pink Room) for quite some time.  I found several online but the price was never right for the ones I wanted (I guess I have expensive taste).

I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this beautiful piece at Southern Lady Antiques located on Antique Alley in West Monroe, Louisiana.  I immediately send my husband a picture to tell him I had found my (early) birthday present; he surprised me with it the next week.

20160213_112119 20160213_112147

Last week, during our trip to Austin, my best friend and I spotted an Estate Sale in one of the small towns along the way.  I found a couple of old linens, a picture, and THIS:

20160213_111733 20160213_110849 20160213_110756 20160213_110620

I have never heard of Barley Twist and do not know anything about this amazing desk and matching chair.  All I know is that I HAD to have it.

If you know anything about this piece, please feel free to comment below.

Oh, and by the way, these items will stay in at Nana’s Yellow House for awhile.  I do not see them going to the flea market any time soon.  On a happier note, I will have to part with some other items to make room for these.

See you soon!