Farmhouse Sink Update

It has been awhile since I posted but I finally have a few minutes to give an update on the sink project.  We actually finished in early December so this is only about too months late.

I must confess that I am still trying to get used to a farm house sink.  It really isn’t at all what I expected.  It is hard for me to go from 2 basins to 1.  It really makes some things quite difficult.

As you can see from the photos, I have two options for the cabinet under the sink.  The hubby did a great job of adding the mini cabinet door and drawer on the left to help make the sink look more centered.  But I also like the look of the curtain underneath.  I think it fits in with the age of the house and ties everything together.  I just used a tension rod to hold it in place so it can be easily removed and tossed in the washer.

We added a white subway tile back splash with grey grout and a white hexagon mini tile counter top with grey diamond accents.  Then we painted the trim in a matching grey.

With Curtain
Without Curtain

Everything But the Kitchen Sink!

Well, the deck is finished (for the most part) now we are on to the next project!

The drain on my fiberglass kitchen sink has been cracked since we moved in.  Well, it finally got so bad it started leaking so we had to bite the bullet and purchase a new sink.  Of course, we could have just purchased a new drain but this was my chance to finally get the farmhouse sink I had been dreaming of.

Issue #1:  my kitchen is super small and the previous owner installed a small dishwasher which thew off the entire symmetry of the cabinets.  We would have to completely remove the existing countertop, add tile, and reformat the cabinets under the sink.

Issue #2:  My husband is no carpenter.

Here we go!

Kitchen before the reno!


Removed sink and countertop
Removed laminate
Added new countertop.


I will update when we finish…..